"'Annoyed' be my natural state, buddy." 


It's no surprise that for a people that exalt brewing as their highest art brawling comes in a close second. While every dwarven man, woman, and child knows how to throw a good punch, the professional brawlers take his national pastime to new heights. 'Badger' Brummuin made a name for himself at formal brawls in cities and towns throughout the dwarven deeplands. Then the zombies came. Rank-and-file zombies present him little challenge, and orc zombies only marginally more so. His true delight is slugging it out, dwarf-to-monster with abominations. Like his namesake, there's no enemy too big to fight.

  • Race - Dwarf
  • Season - Zombicide: Green Horde
  • Based on - Wolverine, X-men



  • [Blue]
    • +1 free Melee Action
  • [Yellow]
    • +1 Action
  • [Orange]
    • Regenderation
    • Swordmaster
  • [Red]
    • +1 Die: Melee
    • +1 to Dice rolls Melee
    • Ironclad: Abominations

Body slot

  • This slot may hold a Healing instead