“No, it's not made of iron. Do you see any rust?”


Anton Guffen is arguably the most brilliant enchanter of his civilisation. He specialised in everything from self-cleaning clothing to self-wielding weapons to explosive ballista bolts and projectiles. His weaponised enchantments led the kingdom to victory after victory and made Anton a very weathly man. Guffen Tower even rivaled the king's for height and splendor. The green horde changed everything. Now Anton dons his finest creation, an enchanted armor with incredible capabilities that turns him into almost a one-man army. In the battle against the black plague, he'll need it.

  • Race - Human
  • Season - Zombicide: Green Horde
  • Based on - Tony Stark/Ironman, comics



  • [Blue]
    • ?
  • [Yellow]
    • +1 Action
  • [Orange]
    • ?
    • ?
  • [Red]
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

Body slot

  • ?

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