"Shutter the windows and bolt the door.

And Faolan will get you through the floor."

- Children's Rhyme


The hamlet of Northweald was once renowned for its timber, beer, and hospitable people. All that changed two decades ago when a darkness crept into the forest. It was fast, it was powerful, and it had a taste for human flesh, both as sustenance and as fodder for its experiments. In the years since, the town dwindled to just a few residents, too poor or too old to seek refuge in the south. They had named their horror Faolan the Haunter, and it can be argued that the black plague was a release from his reign of terror.

  • Based On - Unknown, likely original character


  • Special rules: 
    • Faolan is a nasty bloodsucking Necromancer. If any Survivor enters Faolan's Zone, or if Faolan enters a Survivor's Zone, the poor Survivor immediately suffers 2 Damage!