A special set of zombies, classified as NPCs: Notoriously Plagued Characters.

Some people sincerely believed they belonged to a superior species simply because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Knowledge, money, raw strength… Blue blood, we used to say. I am grateful to the zombies for just one thing: the way these beautiful people screamed when they realized their blood was indeed red, like ours. So, most of them are now zombies, and I can get my sweet revenge while cleansing the place. Sometimes I wish the zombies came sooner to set us free and equal at last.


When these zombies are slain, they are kept by the player that defeated them. 5 differently sculpted zombies may be turned in for a powerful vault weapon. All N.P.Cs are classified as standard walker zombies

  • Actions: 1
  • Damage Inflicted: 1
  • Min. Damage to Destroy: 1
  • Experience provided: 1
  • Target Priority: 1
  • Special Rules:
    • 5x different N.P.Cs may be turned in for a Vault weapon.

N.P.C types

  • Monk
  • Tavern Wench
  • Noble
  • Elven Bard
  • Jester

Vault weapons

  • Bang Staff
  • Earthquake
  • King's Mace

Included items

  • 4x of each N.P.C types
  • 3x vault weapon cards (see above)
  • 20x white bases (to help distinguish from regular zombies)
  • 12x N.P.C zombie spawn cards
  • 1x Rules booklet