"With a flick of the wrist I can produce a kind of magic that will give these necromancers a sheer heart attack."


Zanzibar's amazing magical powers were only surpassed by his showmanship. He was as comfortable entertaining a crowd as he was handling an ogre battle or a dragon attack (and those made for quite a spectacle). You'd think the black plague would put a damper on his spirits, but even under pressure and just trying to keep himself alive, Zanzibar's powers lost none of their flair. The show must go on, as he loves to say. While the necromancers may want to live forever, Zanzibar just wants to become a legend.

  • Race - Human
  • Season - Zombicide: Green Horde
  • Based on -  Freddie Mercury, lead vocalist of Queen



As an "Ultimate survivor", The Great Zanzibar starts with two Blue level skills.

  • [Blue]
    • ?
    • ?
  • [Yellow]
    • +1 Action
  • [Orange]
    • ?
    • ?
  • [Red]
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

Body slot

  • ?

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