We now believe the wolves were the first signs of the coming horde. They hunt, certainly, but nothing will draw them like a fresh kill. Scavenging is smart, and numerous wolves can run any lone mountain lion off their kill. When they first encountered the shambling hordes, straggling in like the zombies do, we’re sure the wolves couldn’t resist such easy prey. But, eating that infected meat… well. It changed them.

You’ll need all the help you can get when fighting the Wulfsburg zombies: packs of ravenous zombie wolves or Wolfz! Even faster than Runners, these Wolfz can easily tear apart any careless survivor.

  • Actions: 3
  • Damage Inflicted: 1
  • Min. Damage to Destroy: 1
  • Experience provided: 1 points
  • Target Priority: 4
  • Special rules:
    • Zombie Wolfz have 3 Actions per Game Turn. After all Zombies (including the Runners and Zombie Wolfz) have gone through their Activation step and resolved their first Action, the Runners and Zombie Wolfz go through the Activation step again, using their second Action to Attack a Survivor in their Zone or Move if there is nobody to Attack. Then the Zombie Wolfz go through the Activation step for a third time, using their third Action to attack a Survivor in their Zone or Move if there is nobody to attack.

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