Zombicide: Wulfsburg is the first expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague! It is not a stand-alone game and requires one of the core sets (Zombicide: Black Plague & Zombicide: Green Horde) to play.


Wulfsburg survivors

Wulfsburg introduces four new survivors to the fight. 

  • Theo
  • Ariane
  • Karl
  • Morrigan


Wulfsburg equipment

Wulfsburg comes with several unique magic equipment. These items are so powerful that Survivors are only able to wield them once they reach a specific danger level.



Even faster than the standard Runners, these Wolfz can easily tear apart any careless Survivor. And pray the pack leader doesn't show up. Just as relentless as the normal Wolfz, the hulking Wolfbomination is as resilient as any Abomination, also ignoring any armour on its attacks.


Wulfsburg tiles

New tiles in Wulfsburg help introduce new tactical options into Zombicide: Black Plague in the form of towers which Survivors can climb. From the ramparts, Survivors can fire at the zombie hordes below. This high vantage point even allows Survivors to fire over buildings... provided the attack has enough range.

Included items

Wulfsburg items
  • 2 double-sided game tiles
  • 22 zombie wolf miniatures 
  • 4 survivor miniatures and ID cards 
  • 4 plastic dashboards and colour bases 
  • 32 plastic trackers (4 different colours)
  • 30 cards (wolfz/Wolfbomination spawn cards & equipment cards)
  • 1 Rulebook

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