"Some good warhores would be perfect for this. But just try finding living beasts in this zombie-infested wasteland."


Ygraine's people have long had an affinity with horses, and were known for breeding the strongest, fastest, noblest beasts seen in any kingdom. Ygraine herself was a shieldmaiden of many battles, and was at home in the saddle as on her own two feet. Alas, the black plague has scattered the great herds to the winds, and Ygraine's people along with them. She fights now afoot alongside her fellow survivors, and would trade an entire kingdom for a horse.

  • Race - Human
  • Season - Zombicide: Green Horde
  • Based on - Éowyn, Lord of the Rings (film series, 2001)



  • [Blue]
    • ?
  • [Yellow]
    • +1 Action
  • [Orange]
    • ?
    • ?
  • [Red]
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

Body slot

  • ?

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