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The popularity of the original board game Zombicide led to the creation of spin-off games and products. Starting as a Kickstarter campaign and eventually launched in 2015, Zombicide: Black Plague is a stand-alone game which brings Survivors attempting to save the medieval world from a zombie apocalypse. Survivors face zombies using swords, bows and magic. One to six players may engage in this fantasy setting to save their world from zombies.

Core Sets

These core sets are stand-alone games and do not require any additions to play.


These expansion sets require at least one of the core sets in order to play.

Kickstarter Exclusives

The Zombicide: Black Plague and Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaigns offered Kickstarter exclusives to patrons that helped to fund the board games. Original Kickstarter backers may sell these exclusive items on consumer-to-consumer sites like eBay, Craigslist or Gumtree. These products are generally not available at retail, outside of special events that Guillotine games attend.


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Latest activity

  • new page Thrud the Barbarian
    created by UnsungLuna
    New page: “By the Sacred Jockstrap of Robert E. Howard, You'll pay for that, Hellspawn!” Contents[show] Background Edit With the stealth and agility of a...
    Summary: Added background and skills for Thrud in Zombicide.
  • new page Persephone
    created by UnsungLuna
    New page: “Some simpletons should surely cease their skullduggery. Or else!” Contents[show] Background Edit On learning of the demise of her father, Percival...
    Summary: Added background and skills for Persephone in Zombicide. Basis of character, not certain. May need to update at later date.
  • new page Blackcurrant
    created by UnsungLuna
    New page: “All right, let's start by you giving us everything worth anything in this miserable little town.” Contents[show] Background Edit The Black Currant...
    Summary: Added background and skills for the Black Currant survivor.
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